There are moments in your life when you have to make tough choices. There are moments in life when you count your blessings. There are moments in life when you are alone. Even fewer than these moments you will have a night in your life with people that you care about that you will never forget, and those moments are referred to as:

“THE GOOD OLE’ TIMES”! You can’t forget,, because they are once in a life time among friends and family.

RIP Ryan , you will bring inspiration even in your physical absence.

Black Ties ,White Top Hats & A Great Host New Years 2010

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This is a old tile glue bed on a plaster and lath wall in a kitchen I am covering it to sand smooth and paint.

How To Cover Old Tile Glue With A Plaster Skim Coat

I will have this back up soon with new content and a NEW CAR SMELL!

Due too Buggery and Silliness all the World Is a Zoo